Tuesday, 6 May 2003

The Taurean Takeover of the World

Its birthday time at work again. Far too many of us has a birthday around the end of April, beginning of May. At previous jobs it was generally the birthday person who provided treats of some description and nothing much else happened - the few people who may know would wish you a happy one. At my current work the office manager sends round a card (usually 4 at once for all the chaps whose birthdays fall within a week of each other) that we all duly sign and for some reason this makes it a huge deal. We are currently also in a spate of people leaving. I am starting to get confused as to the appropriate sentiment whether good luck or many happy returns.

Probably half the office has a taurean birthday. I also know a lot of taureans outside work (I'm not making a judgement about their characters just interested in the fact that I know lots of people with birthdays around this time of year) leading me to think about whats going on at the time all these taureans are conceived and it probably does coincide with summer holidays.

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