Thursday, 17 March 2005

Evening Light

Its light in the evening! Standing waiting for the bus with the sun still up, shadows drifing down the sides of the buildings, a cool breeze blowing pleasantly, its hard to remember the heavy oppresiveness of winter even though it finished (for now) only 2 days ago.

We've entered that confusion between the major seasons that sees people in the same street on the same day wearing shorts and teeshirts or coats. Early adopters in vest tops, driving open top cars blaring summer tunes, sandals and painted toenails.

The lightness of being seeping back into your bones. Winter fug that had taken up residence in the space between my eyes is dislodged by looking at the bright light sky whilst relaxing riding the bus after work. I will probably be avoiding the tube for a while, with its dense and overbearing atmosphere in favour of a view (particularly after work).

The reality of blossom, new leaves, beers in the evening sitting outside and the joy of parks will be on us. Roll on.

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