Thursday, 15 May 2003

Late Night Shopping

Dad has been counting sparrows. Apparently the RSPB is concerned at their declining numbers over the last few years (at least I think its them) so they've been doing some measuring of the populations. In order to do this they get all the people who are participating to look out over a particular hour or afternoon and count the sparrows. But you don't count individual birds, you have to count the number of sparrows seen together at one time (e.g. 5 at once etc). Then after the hour is up you fill in their form with the greatest number seen at one time and send it off. Somehow this gives them a measure of the numbers in the sparrow population. Its complicated but it is birdwatching sparrows...

I was on the bus outside Topshop in Oxford Street this evening and the largest number of kissing couples at any one time was 3. If I knew the formula I'm sure I could calculate the population of kissing couples in London. Oh and by kissing I wasn't counting pecks on the cheek but proper eyes shut snogging.

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