Sunday, 18 May 2003

Birthday Weekending 2003

So its the weekend that I'm celebrating my birthday and neither the boyfriend nor bails could get it together to meet up with me. I was sitting in Picadilly Pizza Express having a pizza before going to the cinema alone when JD rang up. Told me to meet up with him and his bro to drink in Islington. They are lovers of cheap beer. And we met in a most delightful drinking hole called the White Swan at Highbury Corner. Its a Wetherspoons public house - largely frequented during the daytimes by aging alcoholics and at night by young people trying to be drunk before they hit the clubs.

The White Swan has some very strange wood veneer on the walls, and a balcony with railings like they used to have in libraries in the 70s. As we looked over the balcony at the people below the boys noticed a girl wearing a white shirt and due to the angle you could see her bra, she was out on a hot date with a man dressed in a rugby shirt who had bought a bottle of cheap champagne (the big romantic gesture - useful for getting a chick into bed). Once they had finished the wine both were in the mood for more and the kissing started. There were groups of lads obviously getting as many drinks in as possible before going on (cheaper to drink here than in the overpriced clubs). Lots of spiky hair, bleached tips, shirts. Spring is coming and although the evenings are cold girls were choosing the short skirt no tights style of dressing - ease of access - return of the outdoors sex season. The largest group were celebrating the birthday of some identical twins - same haircut, similar shirts, same glasses, similar mannerisms, same physique - its always astonishing and fascinating when you see identical twins, I can't imagine having someone else in the world who looks so much like me.

We did fortunately move on from this place, sadly only to the Hen and Chickens to listen to a rock band but by that time and having consumed lots of cheap booze it didn't really matter what we did.

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