Tuesday, 18 January 2005

Fashion Faux Pas

She was gorgeous. She wore purple stiletto boots to the supermarket and although strutting home with supermarket bags dangling from either arm wasn't exactly the image she was looking for, this was Tuesday night and there wasn't any food in the house. Walking along behind her I noticed the way she placed each foot slightly across the path of the other, sort of like Sarah Jessica in those impossibly high heels she was wearing at the end of SITC. The result of this style of walk is a sort of boom badoom badoom swing of hips from side to side (entrancing, even for a girl - it makes me laugh really). And then as I continued to watch I noticed at the upturn of every foot a flash of white label on the instep. And then all I could see was the flash flash flash of the labels. Really, it doesn't take two minutes to peel those muthers off. It makes expensive shoes look cheap. Now come on, get it together.

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