Saturday, 15 January 2005

Techniques for Tights-Wearers with Hairy Legs

Explained to me by my good sister in Dundee (where its so cold you really need the extra layer of insulation the hairs give you).
  1. You must choose your tights with care - they need to be opaque (as opposed to sheer) and of a high enough denier (thickness of the fabric) for the hairs not to show through. You really don't want the Mrs Brown (old deputy head of my secondary school) look of long trapped hairs in 10 denier tights, nosiree. I would say you are looking for 40 denier or greater.

  2. The aim of the technique is to get the tights on without pulling the hairs (mostly affects the calf area) backwards which will promote a sort of trapped feeling and encourage the hairs to poke through the fabric (so I'm told). As you can imagine this will not be achieved by taking the body section and pulling the leg sections over the foot and up your leg (incidentally this is a surefire way to promote ladders with your toenails).

  3. So, to the technique itself - you will put one leg on first and other after. Choose your leading leg. Take hold of the tights, gather the appropriate leg into both your hands with your thumbs inside and the fabric held in your hands until you have a clear view of the toe.

  4. Place the toe over your foot and allow the fabric to flow out of your hands onto your foot. (But don't go further than the heel).

  5. At this point, you need to change the hold position of the tights. (Don't ask me exactly how this is going to be achieved, practice with trial and error, is my advice). You need to get your hands into the tights so that the fabric is bunched up on the outside of your hands with your hands on either side of your legs. You will then stretch your hands away from your legs and draw the tights up to your knees, feeding the fabric onto the leg from a position held away from the leg. (Are you following me? No? Didn't think so).

  6. So you end up having brought the tight onto the leg over the hairs without disturbing their natural downward lay.

  7. (And this bit will be obvious to regular tights wearers). Once one leg is on to the knee, do the other leg (since you won't alf struggle getting the second leg in if you draw them all the way up to the top).

Personally, I pefer a shaved leg - much less of this hassle.

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