Tuesday, 13 May 2003

Monday's Life Class

Life model was the original amazonian woman - the chaps love her - tall, olive, beautiful but with slight imperfections. Great curves to draw. Superb at posing, every one interesting. Man's ideal woman.

The DJs were in the Salmon & Compasses. Its a convention once a month on a Monday. They convene to swap vinyl, listen to tunes and practice their art. One DJ ina club deck wanking, spinning the discs and whipping the crowd can be sexy, a crowd of them come across like train spotters. Get to hear some great tracks though...

Smokers are part of an ever decreasing club, especially as they get older. The members of the club delight in the fact that they are engaging in a naughty activity, dicing with danger in a small way. A subgroup of this club is that of the roll-up smokers - always friendly, very generous, will always share even their last paper. Throw back to the hippie days I expect. Roll-up smoking seems to be an activity rather than an addiction - each lovingly rolled with care and attention. Not a fast hit, not hurried, not about the rush. Slow smoking. (still wouldn't want to do it myself however - just seems that all my rolling friends are much more laidback than the industry standard cancerstick smoking variety).

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