Friday, 15 June 2007

Hypothesis: men with open air cars are wankers

NOTE: open air cars (as defined by my sister, aged 8, are ones with soft tops that can be put down in nice weather - she predicted by the age of 18 that I would have a boyfriend who had one - sadly, or maybe luckily if my hypothesis proves to be true, I have yet to meet him).


Blond bouffanty hair, large-stripe shirt with white collar, big shades cruising down Upper Street playing the music ever so slightly loudly. Sporting a big self satisfied smile.

Low slung open top, gold, driven a bit too quickly by a man in a green hoody (hood up), gangsta style, drives the car leaning far over to the side holding the wheel in one hand at the top (like, completely disregarding the 10 to 2 rule).

Coming the other way, man wearing a tight black shirt with pinstripe, sleeves folded up above the elbow, right arm hanging down the outside of the car covered in blue tatts - like sailors ones. Sort of posing in a James Dean-esque manner.

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