Sunday, 25 May 2003

The Blind lead the Blind

At the Barbican before a concert a nervy looking man asked us if we wanted a copy of the programme for the spiritual/healing, mind body and self conference. Flicking through it to pass the time a poorly photocopied pamphlet fell out, first published in 1964 and it showed (in the days before computers when everything looked like it was typed on ancient manual typewriters - always times new roman, always slightly out of alignment). The Pamphlet was entitled, The Flying Saucers: a report on the flying saucers, their crews and their mission to Earth, by George King. It served to tie together for me the whole religious, yoga, occult thing.

Published by the Aetherius Society, they believe in a Master of the physical body who resides on Venus and is called Aetherius. He is the Venusian Representative of the Interplanetary Parliament. "He has to be capable of metaphysical feats of pre-determined projection to other Planetary Bodies, in other parts of the Milky Way as well as to Planets within this Solar System".

The few who have been specially chosen by him have been let in on the strictly classified discoveries regarding Interplanetary Lifestreams. The philosophy covered the reasons for visits to Earth (flying saucers come here from Mars and Venus as directed by the Interplanetary Parliament in order to make a metaphysical survey of Earth, "The seat of Interplanetary Parliament is Saturn. This Planet is the Tribunal of the Solar System - Note: This statement will be substantiated to terrestrial man at a date which coincides with his required evolutionary position."), about the spacecraft, the beings who man the flying saucers, and the crux of it - why we should be taking note. Basically Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha were all Venusians who came to earth to help us live up to the teachings of the Master (Aetherius). Oh and they don't have to eat because they live off the radiation from the sun, they are glowing, and wear seamless suits.

So to summarise - make use of the teachings of your current religion of choice but remember that these teachings are just the tools of the Master and so you are basically following the teachings of Aetherius - which asks us to beat ourselves with our evolutionary backwardness, greed and lack of knowledge. And I wonder why religion has always been such an unattractive proposition to me.

The Music's Within Us

Was having one of those conversations that you have with strangers (talking to one of Bail's friends who was a musician in the Salt Perverts) where you know one thing about them and you try to talk about something relevant - we were watching the audience of a rap group and suddenly the whole audience moved in time with the beat - heads nodding with shoulder swings punctuating the vocal. The beats of some music connects to the rhythm of life in your body (his phrase - he seemed to be quite a hippy) and makes you rock.

At the Barbican concert listening to the Boban Markovic Orkestra (see Seen - link left) the funky drumbeats, melodies and massive sound of this Serbian brass band drew people to dance - even those people who appeared to be uptight englishmen did their version of the swinging hips with arms waving in the air that you see at Jewish weddings. Something in the music connected with people's bodies and made them feel the music to which their reaction is dancing. It took me back to the previous conversation. That conversation moved on from the idea of music connecting to the body to the Millenium Bridge and the oscillation phenomenon. My mind somehow connected the two things - the pounding of hundreds of feet on the bridge set up a reverberation that caused the bridge to sway dangerously - so perhaps this connection to the life in your body can be transferred further into inanimate objects. Or music oscillates our bodies.

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