Wednesday, 14 May 2003

Cafe 67 and the Greek Sopranos

We lunch, sometimes in the aforementioned cafe. Its busy, makes great hot chocolate, has nice big windows. Theres a group of local greek businessmen from the fashion industry that use it for lunchtime meetings. Theres four of them, they boss the greek cafe owner round like he's a skivvy, half teasing, acting like fat cats. Kings of a small castle. I've watched them because they have become familiar (people I see in the neighbourhood). One has a terrible 80s mullet, one seems older similarish in style and manner to Des O'Conner and the third I can't define because I can't remember anything about him (very bland). Sitting with four colleagues one day eating sandwiches and drinking hot chocolate, not paying much attention to the work talk going on around me, I noticed the fourth businessman: black suit, black shirt, silver ring, the most fantastic eyebrows, very black eyes, very stylish designer glasses and hair greying round the ears. Suddenly developed a massive crush on this man. Something about the macho businessman confidence, something about the mediterranean good looks and suave dress sense. Something...

Today Bails was off work and I suggested she come for lunch - she was very interested to see this man who I had mentioned to her. Met at Cafe 67 sat down to eat. Three of the greek sopranos were finishing off their lunch and left, sadly he wasn't with them. So we had our sandwiches and drank our coffee. A black soft top porche pulled up outside and The Man got out (didn't know he had this car...see yesterday's entry). She laughed, and her exact words have been ever since - I'm disturbed. No accounting for this weird attraction.

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