Wednesday, 28 May 2003

People are Weird Day

It happens periodically that you wander around doing your daily business and people present themselves in the most peculiar way. If I judge everything against myself as the norm (I am normal, all behaviours deviate from me in various degrees of weirdness) I end up where I have created ever expanding ripples around myself with people trapped into their wave of weird. Today was one of those days.

I was at a disability discrimination act talk with my team and kept looking around myself thinking about the individual members: JP couldn't sit still for longer than 5 minutes, jumping up and rushing off to get something in the middle of the speaker's talk, snorting loudly and clearing his throat (really really irritating habit that he has); the angry woman, never missing an opportunity to pass blame or buck, be pissed off, complain, grumble, stick the knife in and twist it - shit man we are supposed to be adults, with responsibilities, paid at management grades and we behave like chip-on-shoulder teenagers at school. Then spent an hour and a half standing on the street talking to another member about her issues. Then on the 29 bus on the way home there was a man who was gradually sidling up behind a large bottomed woman and seemed to have the intention, when he got close enough, to touch it (fortunately for her, although she never realised his intention, she got off before this happened). Then through the open door of the Al-Mansoor Halal Special Tandoori restaurant (its confused) I saw a man arguing with someone behind the counter and the person who was behind the counter punched him in the head - I mean give them the customer service of the year award.

Some days you just shouldn't be outside.

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