Friday, 30 May 2003

Big Bro

Its the season again, and I'm in trouble with the boyfiend again for being obsessed and I can't help myself but I'm lying in bed and watching it very late at night. have to hope that Jon is left in just so that he can continue to talk people to sleep with his fascinating sci-fi stories about how the universe works. Eventually it'll cause Cameron, the man with an iron resolve to be eternally nice, to turn round and smack him. Or perhaps Gos will poison him. I'm waiting for the honeymoon period to be over, when there isn't enough alcohol to get so over excited (probably next week cos they failed the task - so much riding on their endeavors to be crushed by Federico having to get a chewing gum off the end of the boat - let that guilt rest heavy on his shoulders) and shout so much. And I'm not convinced by everyone changing their minds about Anoushka - I still can't get over her judgemental once-overs during the first hour. And Sissy can't sing so she'll probably be the one who'll make a single. All there is to do again is smoke. And disappointingly all the chinese whispers end in birdsong coverup.

Amazing Anoushka Brain Facts

  • Lions have sex a million times a day

  • An emu's brain is the same size as it's eyes

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