Thursday, 18 November 2004

Bendy 73 Good Manners

Obviously now that the driver has driving duties but no ticket collection (being as you board on any door and don't show a ticket) he doesn't have so much face-to-face with the customer, and, those drivers who used to be conductors and got to talk to the passengers all day, are having to adjust to having no fun and nobody to talk to for their entire journey. This evening's driver was keeping himself occupied with reminding us of good manners and bendy bus etiquette.

"Ladies & gentlemen", he said over the loud speaker, "please remember that you don't need to show your passes on the 73, by doing so you slow down the boarding process. Only show your pass if an inspector requests to see it." The japanese tourists who prompted this announcement failed to understand what he was talking about and carried on rooting around in their pockets trying to dig out their day travelcards to show him.

Later, "Ladies & gentlemen, its good to give up your seat to elderly passengers." The white haired elderly lady looked embarrassed. Nobody moved for some minutes that seemed like hours, finally 3 people got up to let her sit down.

When an older gentleman next got on people jumped up immediately without being prompted. Maybe all bus drivers should teach manners. There's lots of things I'd like them to teach us: watch your rucksack as you turn around; please stand up to let the inside passenger get out; don't sit with your legs splayed so wide apart; don't eat smelly burgers on the back of the bus; I could go on ad infinitum...

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