Monday, 19 May 2003

Monday's Life Class

Went straight to drawing from the mammouth management training session I'm on all week. Was actually knackered. Standing at an easle started to be a real pain in the back. However, its a different kind of concentration. This week's model was some hippie/crusty chic - she had one of those interesting haircuts that are popular with alternative italians - a long bit at the back, short on the sides and over part of the top. Its amazing that however tired I am drawing is still enjoyable.

"Theres a man, wearing a tie with a dead chicken upside down on the front AND he's a ginga! Who's gonna be attracted to him?" white haired gay man and female companion laugh to themselves. I pretend I'm not listening but steal a peek out of Tinderbox's window at the unfortunate who made such a fashion faux pas this morning. Who indeed?!

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