Sunday, 25 April 2004

A Year Ago Today...

...I wrote the words: I promised myself during my 30th year that I would publish some of the poetry I have been writing since my mother died. Sadly I am a coward and still haven't done this, despite the fact that I am now rising 33. So having discovered blogging I thought I'd do this instead.

So began In the Aquarium.

A year on, I go through various ups and downs about whether I'm still meeting my rather vague aims, whether I continue to be interesting or amusing or close to either. I'm not winning any popularity contests but I do have regular readers which is great, and people keep emailing me to say hi, that they appreciate what I'm doing, that they like the site or that they'd like to use a picture or a poem which is great.

Big up to my own top 20 big hitters (idea as borrowed stolen from Diamond Geezer) - because its nice to recognise the reader-referrers even though it is post-plagerism.

1. TBSpeaks
2. LinkMachineGo
3. Planarchy
4. Somebody's links but I don't know whose
5. What A Waste! (now removed and replaced with this)
6. My Brain is Made of Things Made of Gold
7. Mad Musings of Me
8. Clear Blue Skies
9. Ellens Blog
10. Blue Witch
11. Viper Squad Ten
12. Big n Juicy
13. Texas Trifles
14. Chasing Daisy
15. North London Times
16. London Calling
17. Oddverse
18. The Mighty Crumb
19. Playmarbles (no longer online)
20. Anthroblog (been quiet for months)

Also big up to all those who's visiting presence is less visible - non-referring readers both blogging and non-blogging, and those who didn't make it into the top 20. So a big HELLO to everyone out there - without you all there would really be no point.

Thank you and good night.

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