Wednesday, 28 May 2003

Great tits

Everytime I sit down to post something while I'm at home I look up at the calender hanging on the wall above the computer screen and look at the picture of the little bird sitting on a blossom branch. And then I read the text beside it: "the great tit (Parus major) is the largest of the nine 'true tit' species breeding in Europe. Its glossy blue-black cap, white cheeks and yellow underparts mark out the great tit so distinctively..." I look at this probably every five minutes (concentration makes me do it) and everytime I always misread the title at the top of the text because I always read GREAT TITS. Its so distracting.

Did I mention before that my dad is an urban bird watcher? He has developed a fascination for the birds in our garden over the last year or so, he fills up bird feeders, provides bird boxes, leaves bread when its mouldy, tries to influence which varieties will visit (not keen on the pigeons knowing where we live but doesn't mind the white doves or the mixed pigeondoves).

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