Friday, 6 June 2003

Witch Bitch Out, Bore In!

So Federico (good looking in a male model kind of way -- too much grease and sticky up in the middle hair -- is this look not SOOO over now?) failed the task for them again so 10 people next week live on £36. Learning to be boyscouts - Jon making absolutely sure the tent was perfect down to practically measuring the 45 degree angle of the tent pegs - took an hour and a half to put it up so perfectly (commentator said they passed the activity half an hour before he was satisfied). Witch bitches (and believe me, this would be me if I were in there) keep hiding in the bedroom together slagging other members of the group. Justine of the "I can't continue to live here if he's here" comment. Sadly someone has to go and Jon, the odd man out, is likely to be the cause of more friction, so he should stay. If every conversation this week was about food, its preperation and how much is left, I dread to think what'll happen next week. Tania and Nush are already sharing bras (very best friends) while the boys are still pussy-footing around each other calling each other 'mate' (just buddy enough but not too familiar). Gos cooking. Jon watering the plants and any washing hanging on the fences. Still more sitting around chewing the fat, and chain smoking (this could all change with the reduction in food/fags money). Well thats all there is to do.....

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