Thursday, 5 June 2003

Curse of Popularity Day

Had one of those over-popular days yesterday. I had agreed to go with AL to see the Art Deco at the Victoria & Albert Museum (of Prince Albert fame - I'm gonna look that up in a minute and see if there's any truth in it) and then bails had been in an interview and was all hyped needing to drink and the boyfiend was available and suddenly everyone seemed to be wanting to spend time with me and because I couldn't keep everyone happy I started getting that anxiety thing that those of us who like to keep everyone happy get when they can't do everything that everyone wants.

Sadly I think that the whole Prince Albert thing has been debated to death by sex historians and consesus is that it isn't true. However click here for some other slight reading on this and other Victorian sexfactoids. Personally I'm not that keen on the whole pierced genitals thing - GS had a horrible book when we were at college with a picture of a split dick (two ends, rings in each) and at a party with bails some man who was chatting her up suddenly pulled his ringed willy out from his trousers for show and tell - UUGGGG HORROR - tres disturbing. Whole idea fills me with dread. Anyway enough already.

The V&A was swarming with people - lots of middle class ladies from the 'burbs were there to look at the lovely artefacts. It was more crowded than it usually is on a weekend - shocking. I used to hate the V&A having been forced to spend weeks there drawing for college but grew to like it again later when I did a drawing course in the evenings after hours - our class would be the only people in the whole museum -- I got in lots of trouble with the tutor because he said that long skinny pieces of paper disturbed him and I found I was only drawing on long thin strips (we were looking at perspective and stuff and I found it to be a great way of dealing with the extra high ceilings). I really like the sculpture halls with all the wrestling gods - muscular, twisted poses that are rare to find in life classes - and after hours when the lights were low and the evenings longer the atmosphere was great.

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