Thursday, 19 June 2003

Keys to Female Attraction

While the majority of men will loosely divide themselves into breast, leg or large-lady men (and I'm excluding the gay fraternity here, and making sweeping generalisations to boot, so forgive me if I offend you), the keys to female attraction to men can be muscles or height but are equally likely to be down to the strangest things. HS was telling me about how crows feet and smiley eyes really did it for her, even if the man wasn't particularly good looking being in possession of these two great features could overcome a host of other disappointments. I, on the other hand, have a thing for eyebrows - not great bushy ones but smooth, well shaped (natural) ones, and, good teeth. Conversely bad teeth can be a total turn off even if the man is drop-dead gorgeous.

I want to go back to the natural thing for a moment - while high maintenance women really do it for some men and others prefer the low maintenance variety, most women I know prefer men to appear low maintenance even if it takes high to achieve it. We don't want to talk about face creams and washing routines with our boyfriends or friend's boyfriends. Bails once had a man who instructed her on the correct use of clinique products and had a larger washbag than she did - if you can imagine.

Which brings me to my final point (and this is probably a reflection on me and the type of men I have known - I have heard stories from friends about men who didn't visit the bathroom at all for two weeks apart from to pee but I've never had the misfortune to meet one) - men are generally vainer than women. The boyfiend always takes longer in the bathroom than me, even though I wear a considerable amount of makeup and have long unmanageable hair that requires taming, and he has a practically shaven head and doesn't wear any makeup at all.

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