Saturday, 28 June 2003

Things that Harriet Did

This afternoon I mostly queued outside Birkenstock shoe shop in Neal Street (well for a good half an hour anyway) in order to buy some sandals. Shouting out to the chap in front who was buying shoes for his 3 year old daughter and the couple behind in search of pink open toes. Hope you love your purchases as much as I do. However, I am concerned about this reintroduction of the queuing thing in London - we used to queue for buses (in the 70s) and still do if you are outside Canon Street Thameslink or at the W7 bus stop in Finsbury Park - but we now queue to get into pubs. I once swore I'd never be so sad as to queue to get into a bar and I now find myself queueing to get into a SHOE SHOP!! The chap in front and I were trying to be inconspicuous in a queue that was the centre of much indignant staring from the passing crowd, as you could imagine.

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