Saturday, 14 June 2003

Gorgeous Day in London

So I said to bails, "whadya know?" And she said:

  • People who dye their grey hair need to keep their roots up to date and never let them grow to an inch long.

  • There are hardly any dishy men.

  • Lots of men have bellies.

And she said, "why what do you know?" I know:

  • summer dresses made of cotton with spaggetti straps look like nighties & I don't even wear those in bed.

  • Lee Scratch Perry is so cool he can tempt the media types to the Southbank from their natural habitat in Hoxton.

  • Although dressing all in beige seems very summery, it looks awfully dull in reality.

  • hair spiked up in the middle is O V E R.

  • bottle blond women would rather their hair turn to straw than go brown again.

  • plastic pints of beer look smaller than glass ones.

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