Tuesday, 3 June 2003

Resurrecting Robyn Island - quick up date

Ressurecting Robyn Island - quick up date

I'm having a very bad couple of weeks and have been adding to the inhabitants of Robyn Island: dog owner recently moved to the area who lets his dog shit all over the pavements (outside people's gates! shitty shoes problem returns), Residents Association Lady Cheifton (atilla..), Hao (cos he rang my Dad but thats a whole story in itself - I'll tell you one day), GEORGE BUSH Jr (war mongering criminal liar), and cos you've got him you might as well add Lady Thatcher milk snatcher (get her out the way), Ariel Sharon, Osama Bin Laden, Peter Stringfellow, and if he's there Bails had to add Geri Halliwell (despite the fact she's been out of the press quite a bit), and list goes on...

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