Wednesday, 25 June 2003

A Day Trip to London

The boyfiend and I had a day off yesterday and went on a jolly round the Thames like tourists. The day was loverly and we took a circular boat trip from Embankment to St Katherine's Pier. Had lunch in St Katherine's Dock, pretended we were on the French Riviera looking out over the marina at the yachts.

Circular cruises are run by a right motley bunch of cockneys who have prepared some tourist guide spiel on the way back (don't actually think all the tourists could understand them but it was interesting enough for those atuned to the accent, even though it wasn't much more than - this is... and this is....). But we got a huge discount because we were londoners (I think thats why) and you could travel around the route as many times as you liked (all day if you pleased although they weren't advertising this fact). Oh and it was hot, so it reminded me of all the island hopping boat journeys I did in Thailand with HS. Longing to be somewhere, away from work for longer than a day.

I didn't know it but Hankyman still exists - its remarkable to me that in most other countries folks invented some kind of headgear with a large brim made out of straw or something but we just made use of our hankies. I've never seen this version before -- although you can't tell from the picture he was using the 3-knot, as opposed to the more regular 4-knot style. The advantage of the 3-knot is that you can fold back the fourth corner in such as way as to give yourself a small visor (apart from when the wind blows it back over your eye).

I wonder what other uses are there for hankies apart from blowing one's nose and decorating one's breast pocket?

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