Saturday, 28 June 2003

Friday Night in Muswell Hill

The haircut of choice in The Village, Muswell Hill, was that one where you look like your hair has been growing in the direction of the prevailing wind - it is close to the forehead and the spikes get taller the further back you get. Other popular choices were asymmetrical ridges of sticky up hair and just got out of bed messy. Lots of grease and ultra strong gel necessary. High maintenance boys looking to pull. We went there early for a cheap cocktail, but its the kind of place that requires four bouncers for the degree of intimidation necessary even on a Friday evening at 7.00pm when the place is half empty. Average age - younger than us, average dress - returned from Ibiza holiday great tan backless tops, stiletto backbreaker heels. Don't really know WHAT we were doing there.

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