Tuesday, 3 June 2003

My New Name

Was surfing around looking for online testing systems - this time to reinforce the management training I did a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for various things but during the search for something on Transactional Analysis (we have 3 ego states - parent, adult and child - how we use them determines how others will react to us, we can therefore manipulate others by using a specific one or alternatively alter they way they are treating us by use of a reaction to them - trainer was always stressing that in work we are trying to be adult - dealing with the here and now). That said I couldn't find an actual online test to do but was reading about it on www.boyeco.com (a site about personal change - click more at the top of this page and scroll to bottom of page that comes up for the new name thing - a direct link didn't seem to work) and came across a much more hilarious tool - a new name tester. So if you are ever contemplating changing identities you may THINK you need this site - let me just say I would struggle in the world using my suggested new name:

  • my name becomes: Loopy Chickenface

  • bails becomes: Poopsie Applebrain (I'd rather be an applebrain than a chickenface personnally)

  • the boyfriend becomes: Crusty Girdlekisser (imagine - Loopy Chickenface-Girdlekisser - what a name - how the children would weep)

So thats me, Loopy, signing off for the day. See you next time.

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