Friday, 4 July 2003

When is a chip not a chip?

After life drawing during the drinking session one chap ordered a bowl of chips and when they arrived HS and I looked at them and longed for some. "How much are the chips?", we asked. "They're not chips, they're fried potatoes", he said. HS and I exchanged the glance. "Whats the difference between a fried potato and a chip?" I asked. No answer was forthcoming. He didn't talk to me again all evening.

So today in recounting the story when describing the so called fried potato was told in no uncertain terms that actually it was a potato wedge. Because it had skin.

Rectangular cut long with skin = potato wedge
Rectangular cut long, no skin = chip
and in my opinion, width cut potato (in circular slices) = fried potato

So HS and I did order some CHIPs and they did come long fried and with skin. And we loved them.

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