Tuesday, 22 July 2003

Big Bore 4

And so, the end is near... Alas its all gotton so dull we forgot to vote in the sweep stake at work last week. Week 8 remains blank. And nobody even noticed.

But OH the paranoia - too much knowledge about previous BBs has given them things to worry about unnecessarily. Practically the only topic of conversation is the dreaded eviction and crowd reception. Pissed people arguing while thinking they are having a deep conversation.

I was having difficulty understanding why they were showing a repeat of the reward room from the weekend during the live bb broadcast last night (really - too many kalua's with orange on a Monday night messes with your head) - they were still in trilby hats, she still had a terrible blond wig on, they were still pissed on pink cocktails - its supposed to be live , thats why there is bird music over the talking. Wasn't until today that someone told me they were allowed in there 2 nights in a row, doh. Life is bad when bb can confuse you.

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