Friday, 11 July 2003

Southbank Summers

I'm spending a lot of time this summer on the Southbank. Today Dad took me to see Edmond, staring Kenneth Branagh, courtesy of the cheap tickets subsidised by Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London.

So we met after work outside the National Theatre. Lots of other people were meeting there too - sitting crammed onto a patch of fake grass with their beer in the last drops of evening sunshine. The city boys loud and obnoxious after a hard days work winding down, talking on mobiles, eyeing up chicks (albeit mostly hippy chicks). Theatre goers arrived early. Stragglers remaining from the earlier outdoor free performance (which I think were the Men In Coats - cos I've seen them before and one of them was loading up a car nearby). Jugglers, hippy entertainers, died hair, ethnic trousers and patouli.

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