Sunday, 20 July 2003

Style Icons

You will always be able to find people who are trying to be something harder than you. At a gig in Highbury on Saturday was amazed at how deliberate the majority of the crowd was in their observance of the 50s style thing. Girls were fully made up, puffy red unglossed lips, stillettos, pencil skirts and long straight hair in ponytails with quiffs or short curled just so. Guys with painted shirts and vests underneath, big turn-up jeans and crocodile shoes. Trying to recapture 1950s preppy girl and bad boy chic. So much effort to look just so cool. The fan-base of Pimp seem to be like all dedicated followers - they are sure that they are the original fans of something great - and will take great pride in reminding us all that they watched them in tiny venues around north london before they were discovered when they make it big. They are in the know, dress right, dance right and scream at all the right places. Its a exclusive group that makes them belong. And even the people who are desperately trying to be different are all really just trying to fit in (but with a less popular group). And to fit into this exlusive group makes them feel that they have achieved a pinnacle that lesser mortals are struggling to reach.

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