Tuesday, 15 July 2003

Monday's Life Class

In preparation for the class you choose an easle, buy some paper and charcoal. Only as I queued up today the paper was definitely running out. All that was left was some crappy coloured sugar paper. We were only allowed 2 pieces each. Paper panic! Moan complain. And most tragically it was every man's favourite life model. So, as with all bad workmen, I blame my tools - the paper was too soft so you could rub all the charcoal off again, couldn't get a good crisp line, hard to understand the bright areas because the paper was coloured. Complain whinge. We only did two drawings. Hour long poses. At the recent speed we've been working I was completely finished in 20 mins. Sigh. Hopefully class will be better prepared next week and buy a new pack of paper.

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