Tuesday, 8 July 2003

Monday's Life Class

After a very frustrating day where little was achieved and more irritatingly nobody seemed to want to reply until everything was too late, I debated about going to class. I went. It helped me forget about the traumas of the day. Ann wasn't teaching so there was no theme. We drew several 10 minute poses one of which M said we should draw hands because we did that session not so long ago. Which we both did. I felt Ann should be proud of us - remembering everything we have learned over the last few weeks without even being prompted.

After class we sat on the roof terrace of the The Castle (formerly the Pint Pot). The circular topics seemed to start with life model's looks and end with M's break up with girlfriend (lots of advice, not sure if any of it worth tuppance but hey sometimes a problem shared is halved and sometimes its just a whole lot more confusing and conflicting). I'd almost take bets on them being back together before the next time I see him.

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