Sunday, 6 July 2003

Indecisive Saturday Nights

My mind is flitting around. Bails and I wandered through Soho today. We saw a bit of Alison Moyet on a stage in Old Compton Street (Pride celebrations) and sauntered up to Soho Square which was teaming with people - men in drag, a female incredible hulk drag (really not a good look), several men in kilts (do they keep condoms in their sporran?), one man with bottomless trousers, two men advertising a coffee shop wearing nothing but swimming trunks and their muscles. Finally met up with NB and his pals and stood on the side of the road trying to pick out appropriate matches for them (not much luck - hard for over 30yr old women to pick out the ideal partner for young gay men - we just like different things in a man). Then started feeling like a couple of fag hags - but were informed that we were actually fruit flies (not actually trying to have sex with gay men - therefore not fag hag material - I never knew thats what it meant) or perhaps the boys were our fag bangles (fashionable accessories - making a change from babies). It all involved a lot of hanging around on the street not doing very much.

Then Bails and I had a drink in Fuel (again) surrounded by dreadful and thick young men who were too young to be allowed to drink (really). Having ditched this particular drinking hole I saw a man standing by a couple of street diners while his accomplice stole her bag from under her chair, don't know why but I grabbed his arm and sharply told him to put that back at which he dropped it and they ran off. The woman hadn't even realised her bag had gone missing when I handed it back to her. I don't know why but I keep seeing this kind of attempted bag snatching.

Much roaming around feeling rather unsettled. We finally ended up having a couple in the Dragon Bar, Old Street. Familiar territory is sometimes the best.

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