Tuesday, 15 July 2003

Finding Me

I don't know how I managed it but this blog came top of the relevent hit list for the following search in google: hot gay football players bending over in there hot sweaty kit (I'm adding in to this post just to say - I have discovered this by looking at the stats for the site NOT by putting ridiculous searches into google myself - honest :-)). Remarkable. Its fascinating to me the searches that have led to the blog. It would suprise me if any of these people ever find what they are looking for judging by the way they conduct a search (just one comment: boolean operators). Patrick the Librarian (from where I used to work) would be horrified - he once gave the 25 learning centre staff a training session in searching (both internet-based and in books), can't say it was riveting but it probably led to better search technique than that. My only other observation is that 80% of people that find me would rather have found pornography and of the remaining 20% half own fish tanks. Interesting...

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