Wednesday, 25 August 2004

Weirdest Olympic Spectacle So Far

Keirin Cycling. There's this man called a 'durney' (or something like that) who looks a bit like a clown in an all in one black lycra suit sitting very upright on a motorized bicycle (like those popular in France). He is put-putting around the track with the competitors following on their non-motorized bicycles, he's gradually getting faster and faster until lap 2.5 when he drops out and the string of cyclists behind fight it out for positions. Nudging and leaning into the opponents seems to be allowed. In the second semi-final there was what one commentator referred to as 'a sensational crash' where the Greek 'lost a lot of bark' (tore his shirt and shorts and scraped his skin off on the velodrome surface) after the Netherlander elbowed him out the way causing him to crash. So, its sort of like watching a race while expectantly waiting for a crash to happen.

Very strange.

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