Wednesday, 4 August 2004

Clouds Over Spain

Clouds build like huge mountains out of the sky below. Water vapour becomes tangible entities that look like stalactites and stalagmites. Cloud falls off a ledge or is covered by wisps of cauliflower florrets. Ever increasing fractals. Sun shines on them like white gold and in the shade they become irridescent blue, eerie like glaciers or icebergs.

And travelling down the plane cuts into it and mist wicks past the window instantly instangible again lacking any body or form. Descending from clear blue daylight into night dusk below.

And looking up at the cloud above it is dark and grey, layered and flat. I was told off for taking pictures out of the window. Sort of feel like everything is being forbidden now. Not allowed to capture the weird view only seen when up above the clouds in a plane.

Arriving in Valencia was a relief. Travelling took all day literally, mammoth queues and endless stuffy airports.

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