Wednesday, 4 August 2004

Spanish Lessons no.2

On the second day after we shopped at the supermarket, ate lunch at the flat, rode the bus to the beach (aside: we took the wrong bus and ended up at a beach which wouldn´t win the cleanest beach in Europe award - had tonnes of fag butts and the water tasted like oil. Tomorrow we are looking for the much nicer El Saler), laid in thesun, swum in the sea, looked at the beachside market and listened to the worst-band-in-the-world practicing we came home and ate dinner.

After dinner we felt like a drink. It was coming up to be 11.45 but bars open late here. Strolling over to the Old Town we found plenty of bars. Picked out one. Sat down. On a hot and sultry evening at 1.00am in the morning the drink of choice has to be asked for thus:

una ginebra [hinebra] con tonica [toneeka] (a gin & tonic) (and then say please which I can´t spell although I know how to say!)

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