Wednesday, 25 August 2004

Go For It Gels

An old man in a trilby hat with a feather, a flight jacket, shades and a single tooth watches two buggy pushing braods wimmin run up to the doors of a 43 who's driver attempted to pull off without them. They had shouted and then took their buggies into the street to acost the driver. They activated the door from the outside (used to be secret bus driver info) and shouted abuse though the open door. A door fight ensues, driver shuts them, they open them, he shuts them etc. Eventually they launch the buggies into the bus.

"Gowan gels get in there!" the old man says encouragingly, out of earshot, "these bus drivers are a pest."

So they're on the bus, and it disappears into the traffic. The man turns away from the scene approvingly, "I like to see the gels do that. That wuz good!"

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