Wednesday, 4 August 2004

Spanish Lessons no.1

When setting out to the supermarket for the first time in the general direction a woman with supermarket bags appears to be coming from it is a good idea to swot up on some phraseology. Our route took us along a tree lined avenue called Erudito Orellana where we followed the apparent direction of other similar shopping bags. When the supermarket still didn´t appear to be jumping out at us, Bails (who has been learning spanish for about six lessons since being in Argentina) asked someone. The ´conversation´ went something like this:

¿Puede decime [pwedeh detheermeh](can you tell me) donde esta [dondeh esta](where is the) suupermercado [soopermerkado] (supermarket)?

None of us had a clue what he said in reply because he talked very fast but we got the gist of what he said from his gesticulations.

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