Monday, 21 June 2004

Monday Monday

Tell me why I don't like mondays. Its manic or blue. I hate it the minute I wake up on monday morning.

I walked to work today. I went the way that takes me past the scene of the car accident that totalled the car. I was driving along Stapleton Hall Road at 1.00 in the morning. The road was empty and then as I was passing the junction with Victoria Road I became aware that the car travelling up to the junction wasn't going to stop and he hit the back right wing causing me to go over a metal bollard into a wall. It was sort of too quick to be scary and yet it all seemed like slow motion. The crack is still in the wall there but they've changed the junction -better lighting, great big white lines that expand as they get to the stop lines on Victoria Road, signs saying give way (it can't have been the first crash there). I sometimes like to pass it. I feel like I have a sort of personal relationship with the junction.

As I was passing a particularly overgrown house Scarlett Johnson who plays Vicky on EastEnders came through the overgrowth with what must be her mum. I always thought her american accent was appalling but I don't like the character any more now that she's been allowed to drop it.

Passed the corner with the Old Dairy. Loving their tiles still although I rarely go in the pub itself.

Outside Tesco a homeless guy with a black and white dog (like a working sheep dog that my grandad used to have, as did most men where he lived) struck up a conversation with another dog owner - the dog was goldeny brown with long legs and a pinky mouth and nose. The brown dog was 4 months old and bouncy.

I turned down Charteris Road so I could pretend I was at the seaside - the top end has small cottage style houses that are painted pale pink, blue, turquoise and lemon with front gardens full of flowers and the odd palm.

And finally as I turned down Clifton Terrace there was a jam of buses and some legs-quaking but purposeful junkies coming up the street. Back to the reality of Finsbury Park.

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