Saturday, 19 June 2004


Roll up roll up its the greatest show on earth!

First there was Archaos, a french circus troupe who my Dad first saw at the Edinburgh Festival. They were exciting, dangerous and anarchic. Great music played. Motorcyclists did acrobatic tricks like bareback horse riders of old. Clowns wore corregated steel and gought each other with chainsaws. Poeple hammered things. Sparks flew. 4 men in macs pretended to masterbate over the rope act. People ran around shouting. A car full of water drove across the set. Some man jumped in my lap and gave me a flower. Exciting and remarkable.

Next there was De La Guarda from Argentina. A performance more than a circus. Light shows and atmosphere built up. In a room with a white cloth ceiling amazing colours shot around. Two people ran up the wall and then came back down again. People ran round and round the circumfrance of the room defying gravity. Bounding on bunjee ropes across the building from balcony to balcony in two leaps. Tango music. Dancing. Energy. A dancer tap danced under a column of water, water splattered everywhere. A fine mist rained down on us all. Exhilarating. Inspirational. Amazing.

Today we went to see ImMortal by No Fit State. More like circus than a performance - there were acrobats, trapese artists, rope artists, a woman who swang by her hair, juggler's, tumblers, a hoola-hooper. Lighting, music, french flavour. All dressed up in old fashioned costumes - lots of old style clothes, dickensian, 40s, frilly knickers and bustiers. Marvellous.

Theres something fascinating, sexy and awe-inspiring about circus. I love it.

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