Sunday, 13 June 2004

60 Second Sunday Supplement

Body Shop Revisited
Since the mid-80s The Body Shop was a trusted retailer for smellies, cosmetics and products free from cruelty to animals. Leading the way on the highstreet. Over the last 10 years I have steadily fallen out of love with it due to their insistence on changing their product lines. Its just too painful to have your favourite things discontinued. RIP that particular shade of brown eyeshadow, the Viennese chalk and the (high crime) tea rose perfume oil. Nothing worse than being left floundering around trying to find a replacement for perfection because they have decided on a makeover. So having stopped shopping there for a while, I recently found myself drawn back in. My current 3 top Body Shop purchases are:

HEMP CHANVRE - a hand protector for dry to extremely dry skin. Night time. A largish glob rubbed in thoroughly leaves a glycerin-like residue. Upon waking the next morning years of bad is undone and the skin is softer and smoother.

Amlika LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER - if you suffer from hair prone to frizziness and uncontrollability this preparation will help. Rub it through towel-dried hair where needed to increase shine and body.

ULTRA-SMOOTH FACE BASE - foundation that smoothes on like silk.

Me and Georgia (O'Keefe)
In the garden the Oriental Poppy is in full bloom, a couple of years of bedding in and its becoming a prolific flowerer.

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