Friday, 25 June 2004

Man Admires Bottom and Other Observations

A floppy-haired bespectacled man, serious, stands a few feet back at a crowded bus stop contemplating the high round buttocks, clad in stretch denim, of a beautiful young woman. Its warm early evening.

An elderly japanese woman wearing white trousers and lots of rouge has a cylindrical hairbrush caught in her hair in such a way that it causes the hair to bouffant so that it looks like the styled coiffure of a concubine. She stops by some large pots of bamboo while she tries to loosen it.

A pink-faced man in a red shirt. Scrawny and british-looking, he has styled his shirt by leaving the three top buttons undone and donning 6 gold chains of various links and lengths, the uppermost of which is a namechain with Arsenal in italic flowery writing.

A yorkshire terrier walks along 20 yards behind his owner. She's talking on the phone and not paying any attention. He cocks his leg and pees against the cafe's sandwich board sign, then darts under the cafe tables and in passing smells the trouser leg of a business man. A look of dontchyou-dare-piss-on-me crosses said business man's face before the dog moseys on.

I drink my iced-coffee as the long shadows of evening stretch over the street.

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