Thursday, 3 June 2004


Let me first apologise to anyone who finds this boring in the extreme. I am on holiday but at home for two weeks, in the first couple of days I came down with a heavy cold and so am watching too much TV.

Kitten brought the wrath of BB on the house with her anarchist antics (breaking things and not obeying orders) - someone will be chucked out if she continues (not necessarily her - shock horror, housemates struggle to understand the implications and then sit round for ages talking about it). See how long they can keep her in check.

Ahmed cooks dinner. It takes 5 hours, as this is happening Jason is mentoring him in how to play the game - get involved, talk to people.

Marco and Michelle bitch about the dinner in the snug. Marco (clique leader and bitch extraordinaire) has the audacity to say he feels he's being kept out of the group.

Ahmed had it out with Marco about the way he's been blanking him. Marco is in the jacuzzi, Ahmed stands on the side.

This level of conflict/pressure is too much for Marco and he ends up crying to Big Brother in the Diary Room about how he feels alone, missing his friends and family and not trusting anyone. Interesting emotional outburst I thought. Someone who spends all his time bitching and setting people against one another has proved to be totally insecure. Shocking that he feels excluded from the group (who does he think the group is exactly?) For a law student he is overly emotional with an inability to remain detached (my limited personal knowledge of lawyers is that they are extremely cool-headed even in extreme personal circumstances like arguments - a friend of mine dated a female lawyer for while who he was for some reason always trying to get into a row - she would never, ever raise her voice or be anything other than rational - much to his irritation, they didn't last).

Jason and Daniel have a heart to heart early in the day - Jason is adopted, told at 14 and isn't missing his large family cos they aren't close. They then go on to relationships. Jason doesn't ask girls out. Daniel (gay) says something like you don't get anything if you don't ask.

Later on, towards bedtime Jason asks Daniel to spread fake tan on his back for him. Daniel says he has cold hands. Its touching but in a very controlled manner. Jason barks instructions. Daniel laughs because it must look like he's blowing Jason. Jason then does his hair - like he's getting ready for a night out - where does he think he's going? They're going to bed. Isn't it a waste of precious product...

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