Sunday, 20 June 2004

38 Bus Journey

On the way to Islington from seeing Confidences Trop Intimes we sat behind a chinese man who was speaking on his mobile phone very loudly. He sounded abrupt and angry. But that could have just been the tone and volume of his voice. As he turned towards the window I saw he had a patch of skin scraped off his temple.

As we passed Spa Green on Roseberry Avenue I saw they had taken down the climbing frame from my old junior school playground. That was where I broke my leg 24 years ago when I was 10. Fateful - it meant I had to miss our school journey to Swanage (probably not that big a deal but in the school calander a true missed legend). All the girls in the class then ganged up on me to make me feel even more left out when the photographs of the trip came back. I'm not in touch with any of them any more. Amazing how the school seems not to have changed in all that time.

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