Friday, 18 June 2004

Big Brother Fight

I put it to you, that all this taking sides and aportioning blame is divisive and reactionary. I would like to put up an alternative view which is that they are all as bad as each other.

The big boys should keep control of themselves because they are agressive and intimidating. Was it retaliation after provocation? I think so, although I think Jason was doing his bit at trying to be more interesting (ie a false overreaction). But there's really no excuse for scaring people.

The camp gay/trannie clique suddenly swelled by return of the bedsit girls and therefore squealing squeaking and generally jumping up and down in way-overexcited hoopla - this could drive anyone crazy when its at such extreme levels and for quite some continued length of time.

Return of the food fight. And I don't mean to be a boring adult about it but I hate food fights. Its just so pointless and wasteful. Although it could be a reaction to an environment they feel is against them - all the writing on the walls, messing the place up - like graffiti but without the spray paint.

Power of the bedsit girls - knowledge is power. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And honestly Emma is thick and therefore her assessment of situations may be a little bit underdeveloped. Although, I liked her sniping at Victor about how he wouldn't talk to ugly girls (like he's god's gift) - that was excellent. Michelle is expert at manipulating Emma into doing exactly what she wants. Emma runs around angry pointing and shouting at people. I thought she was doing her fair share of being aggressive.

Nicotine withdrawal causes people to be nutters (Nadia and Shell, sweet Shell who throws pillows and screams in a tantrumy hissy-fit).

Vanessa protective, screaming, shouting and totally two-faced. Like a bad headteacher who thinks everyone should listen to her without having to listen to them.

The return of the bunny-boiler at first didn't seem to fill Stuart with joy until of course he got a bit pissed and then was all over her. Will he won't he. I think she should get him really drunk. And then he might just. Unless of course she, with her new found confidence and manipulative control, decides she's going to just string him along.

Ahmed has totally withdrawn but really is that a suprise. He doesn't drink. He goes to bed early. He should help out around the house though. No excuse for that.

So. In my humble opinion. They're all nutters. They all bitch about each other - even Marco, Nadia, Emma and the Bunny Boiler bitch about people. Even Shell does. In fact perhaps the only one who doesn't is Ahmed who seems to have to have it out with those he has issues with (and he doesn't have anyone to bitch with). But that's sort of human nature in a place like that. Which is why its nuts that the bedsitters were so upset to hear so much bitching. They are all at it. They are all as bad as each other.

And this was going to be a short post.

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