Sunday, 13 June 2004

Big Brother Goes Evil

What a superb idea. Really. Its just started to take shape. And I think its coming along nicely. A good antidote to the fact that all housemates are now seasoned watchers and think they know how it works.

Where to start? There were nominations. 3 people were up for 'eviction' to be voted for by us. But unbeknown to them we were voting to put them into an ajoining bedsit. And we voted for two girls - Michelle and Emma. Ahmed-the-crazy got to stay in and rapidly went back to his quiet old self.

The girls get to sit in the bedsit and watch and listen to the other housemates all day. And then they are set challenges by BB. The first one was to choose who would only be able to take cold showers.

Michelle has shown her true colours as a revenge seeking bunny-boiler. Leading Emma down the path of letting Victor be the reciever of the cold showers. Checking and making mental note of all the times Stu spends in the company of the other girls, how close their heads are, how near he is to them, whether he moves closer to them at all, times he goes in the jaccuzzi (in comparison to the number of times she pursuaded him to get in there). The poor boy doesn't realise it but he is gonna be FOR IT. Woe betide the time she sets foot back in the house.

Emma is an emotional wreck. Upset for all her friends who get hurt or are missing her or feeling vulnerable. Angry at people's critique of her (don't know whether its true or not - most likely not but who knows - any E4 watchers out there?).

Victor vs the Shower has been hilarious. Its a clever shower. He spends some time bigging himself up, ready for the confrontation. He comes in, sets it running and when its nice and warm he steps in only for it to go cold cold cold. He's shouted at Big Brother. He's attempted to shower all day. Boy is he pissed off, and he's gonna stink (well maybe if they had anything to do he might).

Revenge is sweet, or so they say. They better watch out because the wrath of Miche is gonna be a lot worse than anything BB can think up (at least I think so). You can see it in the eyes.

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