Monday, 3 May 2004

Teenage Ruse: Fare Evasion

Get on at Angel, sit at the front just behind the driver and make like you're fast asleep so that when the bus conductor comes round asking for fares he'll not bother you for it.

He knows what you're playing at. "Don't play any foolish games wit me now baby girls". He's a rasta with a big wool hat and a jamaican drawl.

Ignore him. Whatever you do, don't stir. As he walks away he says, "you're coming off the bus at the next stop". Fortunately the next stop is close to where you want to go. You stop pretending to be asleep and 'wake up' giggling. He dings the bell to take you several stops beyond to teach you a lesson. This is even closer to where you want to go.

You get off. Mission accomplished.

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