Thursday, 27 May 2004

Chain Blogging: Big Brother Starts Tomomorrow

They're calling it the Evil One. Every year I think: its crap why am I watching it, but end up getting fascinated by the crap psychology, stupidity, bickering and stuff and end up watching it regularly (not religiously - did watch tonnes of the first one but steadily watching less and less of them subsequently - now only really catch the long one with the pschologists on it and perhaps the friday eviction, so sad, so sad).

So, a quick round up, just before the next series:

Hated Craig (eventual winner), still can't stand him on that DIY programme he's on.
Wished Anna (lesbian ex-nun) had won.
Laughed at Mel's fickleness - being so drawn to Andy then swopping her affections for Tom the minute he left.
Nasty Nick - cheating double dealing b.... (made for some drama though)
Caroline's lip line
Worst outcome of the programme - Nicola's terrible terrible single.

Glad Brian won, not sure it was so good for kids TV although he fits in well there.
Liked Bubble and Brian's constant fighting and stuff.
The love affair - Paul and Helen (of the amazing I like blinking remarks).
Worst characters: control freak Stuart (pity his poor wife) and I'm so mad Penny.
Best bit - knowing about BB meant I could join in the boysy-gang at work who spent good portions of the day emailing their amateur pschological analysis to one another

Favs: Alex (dancing behind the bedroom door, peeing in the shower - horror), Sandy (Scot, older, walking out).
Least favourite: Jade (can you see my kebabs, am I minging - snivelling wreck).
Flirting - Adele & Lee until Sophie arrived and Adele ditched like a lead weight.
Advent of the great divide - rich vs poor side. I find this is now in common usage - our office has two units divided by a joining door where the other unit is the 'rich' side and our side is the 'poor' side. We spend our time bemoaning our lowly status.
Kate - first girl winner, men's cuppa tea but bland and rather boring.

Cameron, the winner - Scottish, virgin?
This one was all about The Tickle, really wasn't the same after he was chucked out.
Stupid South African swap.
The awful Lisa who was never going to fit in.
I didn't win the sweepstake at work.

And so we come to year 5 - the evil big brother. Not sure whether its going to be an obsessed year or not, yet.

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