Saturday, 29 May 2004

Big Brother 5

And by the time I got home the boys were bonding outside - joking and drinking beer in the way boys do. While the girls sat around inside talking about looking good, not eating too much while in BB, weight, feet, pedicures...

Boring so far then.

Cut back to the boys - the scot (Jason) is talking about how they can set up their exercise routine - circuit training in garden, Marco is telling about his new regime with his fitness trainer and training partner with a body like madonna, his fitness trainer was in the military and, coincidence, so was Jason for six years. Marco Daniel teases him about soggy biscuit, Jason claims not to know what he's talking about...(even I know what that is and I'm not a boy, nor have I been in the military).

It sort of feels like they've never been away. They all seem sort of familiar in that eager S-Club 7 sort of a way. Will there be sex? Will there be fighting? Do we even care?

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