Monday, 10 May 2004


Power has been off since 10.30. Its midnight now. I'm lying in bed with a candle burning listening to the wind rustling the leaves of the tree over the canal. Its got small leaves and it sounds like water babbling.

Rain starts thrumming into the canal and onto the skylight outside my room. Police sirens in the distance. Lots of the them. Sounds like raids are going on. Dog barks, somewhere.

A train passes at the top of my street. Can hear the trundle over the tracks. That noise that sends you to sleep when you are sitting on them. Haven't felt the rumble of an underground train yet though. Can sometimes feel it shaking the house. One time it turned out to be an earthquake - it rocked me back and forth in bed. Honking - impatient drives in Green Lanes. The train is still passing. Must be a long goods train.

A couple of people walking home pass in the street and their voices reach up through my window, can't hear what they are saying. She coughs.

Can smell the wax as it burns away from the candle. Its oddly quiet without all the noise-entertainments blaring.

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